With an email forwarding activated for a specific address, all inbound messages will be forwarded to a third-party address which you have chosen even though the latter won't be in the list of recipients and the email sender will not be informed where their email will go. You can use this type of function if you have a number of email addresses because it will likely be far easier to receive all of the incoming messages in just a single mailbox instead of logging in and out of various ones constantly or setting up a variety of mail boxes in an e-mail application. If you have a company as well as an enterprise, the email forwarding is a method to check out all messages obtained by different departments for better coordination. You could also make use of this function the other way round - an e-mail sent to a standard mailbox can be sent to several people.

E-mail Forwarding in Web Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, that comes with all our web hosting plans, will help you forward any email address inside the account to a second one without difficulty. You can do this either during the creation of a brand new mailbox or at any time later on if you choose that you want this function. During the process, you are able to consider if you prefer a duplicate of the e-mails to be maintained on the server. In this way, you'll have a backup and you'll prevent the probability to lose an e-mail if the forwarding is to an outside address, which can be briefly unavailable. This option can be enabled and disabled at any moment, though if you use e-mail for critical matters, it is better to use it, because no records of the e-mails are kept on the server in case the option is not active. In case you decide that you don't need forwarding anymore, it will take just a click to deactivate it.