When some content is uploaded to a web hosting account or downloaded from it, website traffic is generated and that is an attribute that each hosting package has. It is furthermore one of the features you should check out, because how much traffic allowance you'll need depends on the things you need the account for. The traffic is primarily produced by downloads which includes website visits. In layman's terms, anytime somebody goes to your site, the web pages are downloaded from the server on their computer system and they are afterwards displayed by their internet browser. It's also recommendable to know that uploads matter too, so that when you transfer larger files from your pc to the server, some web site traffic is generated as well. Different providers can have different names for this particular feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, still all of them apply to the very same thing - the exact amount of incoming and outgoing information produced for a particular period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Web Hosting

We've selected the characteristics of our web hosting plansin a way, in order to help with the development of every website hosted on our advanced cloud system. The site traffic that your account can produce is not an exception, that's why with a hosting package from us, you will not need to worry about the volume of content being transferred to and from your account at any time. You can host a lot of small and medium-sized sites and be sure that the monthly traffic allowance won't be a problem for their development. Furthermore, we offer you elaborate hourly, daily and monthly stats which will give you more details for the website traffic that a particular website produces or what kind of page/file is being downloaded the most and produces most of the traffic. This kind of info will help you arrange the supervision of your sites as well as your marketing strategies more effectively.